1. C

    Firearms 6.5 Creedmoor

    Custom built 6.5 Creedmoor by Radix Precision -US Optics Foundation JVCR 5-25 x 52mm Optics (Warranty and Paperwork still valid) -Falkor 7 Even .308 receiver -18’ BSF carbon barrel with black Cherokee -AG Composites Visigoth stock with limited red carbon paint -Trigger Tech Diamond Trigger...
  2. JaysonF

    Musgrave brass?

    Ok, so my father-in-law traded me 25 boxes (20 per box) of new, pulled brass.308 brass primed with federal 210 primers. They are in great shape and ready to go. They are a little older (based on how the box looks. What I am wondering is, what are they worth? I just want to sell them and buy...
  3. 03psd

    Sako AV for Build or Sell It?

    Considering a 300WM build. Have a great condition Sako 75 Deluxe in 7mmRM. Since I am a leftie, M700 LA in LH are little hard to come by should I consider using my Sako for a build? If so, do any reputable smiths use them? I know all prefer 700s. The other option is to sell the Sako and start...
  4. C

    Trying to sell equipment to our side.

    M-200 Military. We have one for sale. We don't want it sold to just anyone. Ideas?
  5. P

    Which would you sell and Why ? 1 must go

    I have the following; 338/378 Weatherby Accumark Sako 75 7mmSTW in a McMillan Safari Stock. One has to go to finance a couple of rifles you folk have caused me to build (one being a .338 LM on a surgeon XL, hence initially selling off the .338/378) I was selling the .338/378 but an Aussie...