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semi auto

  1. LilGucci

    Washington State to ban Semi-Auto's very soon

    The bill passed the Senate, and has made its way to the Democrat-controlled House a couple of days ago. We finally get to take a look at everything going into this: All AR15/AR10's and AK's style rifles PDWs like the CZ Scorpion or H&K MP5 or anything like it Semi-Auto Shotguns with a Pistol...
  2. W

    SOLD LMT MWS 308 South American Contract Cancellation

    Up for sale is a 1 of 60 LMT MWS 308 South American Contract Cancellation. While LMT never confirmed who the South American contract was for, it's generally thought to have been Venezuela. The rifle is finished in Anodized Canteen Green. Rifle has never been fired, and comes like it did from...
  3. Dvando20

    Rifle Length crushed tungsten buffer?

    Do any reputable manufacturers make a crushed tungsten filled rifle length buffer for the AR15? Something similar to Spikes Tactical tungsten carbine buffer but in rifle length? Been hunting around and haven't found much.
  4. S

    SOLD *PRICE DROP* Complete Precision Upper Compass Lake with bolt assembly, Bartlein barrel, Arca handguard, Radiant handle, Jp muzzle brake

    Precision complete Varmint Upper A4 assembled by Compass Lake Engineering in .223 CLE, including: the receiver, complete bolt assembly, Bartlein Barrel-22 inch, polished, CLE chamber, .936 at the gas block, 1-7.7 twist, 1/2x28 threads at the muzzle. Rifle length gas. comes with Chamber Gauge -...
  5. A

    New poster - scope mount question

    I'm currently building out a basic semi-auto AR-10 platform in 6.5CM; basically a poor man's DMR. I'm starting off on a PSA rifle and plan to upgrade as I go (I did get the Geissele SSA-E trigger) and I do have it set up to run suppressed with a Rugged Razor 7.62. I'll be moving a scope from my...
  6. JMBlackwater226R

    Firearms Pre-Ban H&K 91

    1978 Pre Ban HK 91 Highly sought after SACO Import with the S-F selector. Excellent condition. Comes with (10) 20 Rnd magazines. $4,500 for the package Open to trades for Precision Rifle in .338LM or .338 Norma
  7. Dvando20

    Maximum gas port size?

    What is the max you can go with opening up the gas port on an 18" SPR TBox barrel in .223Wylde without asking for catastrophy? It's already at the max-spec .098" with an SLR adjustable block, but it's still short stroking with the block all the way open. Tried different springs, buffers, blocks...

    SOLD Daniel Defense .308 AR10

    Selling my DD5V1 to fund another build that will be done soon. Rifle shoots .75” with 168 federal SMK. Rifle has around 450 rounds through it. Overall in very good condition, small nick on the CH and light wear on the pic rail from mounts but otherwise in excellent shape. The rifle cycles any...
  9. Dvando20

    WTB DPMS LR308 lower in Mass!

    Looking to buy a DPMS LR308 lower in the state of Massachusetts, private sale only, all MIRCS laws and regulations apply. Can be stripped, partial or complete. I have plenty of parts. Just too many hoops to jump through right now to buy out of state. Trying to complete an OEM rifle.
  10. pewpew300WM

    Firearms BNIB Glock 17 Gen 5 (17rd)

    I have a BNIB Glock 17 Gen 5 (17rd) that I received from my distributor. I am a ffl dealer so it would ship directly from me. I am unable to ship the pistol out until 12/21 or 12/22. I can only accept PayPal F&F or a certified check at this time. Feel free to message me with any questions. This...
  11. Benballer334

    Firearms WTS SOLD Sig Sauer P320 X Five Legion

    Here is my Sig Sauer P320 X-Five Legion. It's basically ready for competition. I am only asking $1500. I am not looking to trade nor am I looking to separate the package. It will come with everything from the factory (meaning all the original parts will be included), plus a few extra magazines...
  12. SIG34

    Barrett M82a1 CQB 50bmg

  13. jhunter

    SOLD GA Precision 10 6mm Creedmoor

    For Sale GAP 10 6mm Creedmoor. Lightly used. Less than 400 rounds of McCourt 105 HPBT’s at 2985 fps. This gun has shot several sub .5” groups with this load. This load always ran without hickups. $2400 to your FFL -26” fluted Bartlein 1-7.7” -Magpul PRS -JP silent buffer -Henderson ARCA/Swiss...
  14. F

    Neck Tension for the Violently Chambered

    I’m trying to determine best neck tension to minimize the bullet jumping out more (or too much more). In my SCAR 17, the rounds as loaded measure .3375. So I round up to .338 which the LGS reloading expert recommended. I have a .335 bushing. In test rounds I chambered with this .003” neck...
  15. a_real_live_human

    Firearms FS/FT Nemo watchman 300 Win Mag

    Nemo watchman 300 win mag. 24"Proof carbon barrel Magpul PRS stock Magpul MOE grip Silencerco ASR muzzle break Approximately 200 rounds through it. No physical signs of wear anywhere. Open to trades for a thermal plus cash on either your end or mine, whichever makes sense. Looking for a...
  16. CompMatch91

    Firearms M1A Socom II TRADE/SELL

    Used Springfield Armory Socom II .308 comes with 2 mags. open to trades for bolt guns, barreled actions, 338lm, defiance action, scopes, or pistols + Cash $1200.00
  17. Kinetic Moose

    Nuke this thread please

    I have a lightly used P365 with 4 mags, Sig factory flat trigger, a spare threaded barrel, three rear plates, spare striker assembly and grip module. Trade for an AMP Annealing gen 2 autofeeder ....
  18. Tactically_Advantangeous

    Firearms WTS Custom 6.5 Creedmoor AR

    As the title says, selling my 6.5 Creedmoor AR10 platform. Recently engaged and now needing to fund a destination wedding, I'm having to sell a couple of my prized possessions. my loss your gain. The rifle was built with hand picked components that are top of the line and some of the lightest...
  19. SargeantQ

    Return of the Robinson Armament XCR!

    Hello, I am the new PR and marketing guy for Robinson Armament and I would like to educate everyone on the new updated system! If you own one please join and give us your feedback! There have been a few issues in the past with different groups and people, but we have evolved and look forward...
  20. Lowlight

    Area53 Limited Edition Sniper's Hide 308 Variant has Arrived

    Today I was met with a pleasant surprise the Sniper's Hide Limited Edition Area53 matched set arrived. <div id="fb-root"></div> <script>(function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); js.id = id; js.src =...