1. R

    Charge or Seating Depth first on ladder test?

    I am developing a new load and am unsure whether to run a ladder test on charge weight first, or seating depth first. I usually end up alternating iteratively between the two for a few tests since each influences the other, probably wasting time and rounds, something that I cannot afford to do...
  2. GasLight

    Gunsmithing How much set-back for an Ack cham. from standard

    Looking to know how much a barrel needs to be set back in order to completely clean up the chamber with an ackley improved reamer? Thanks Dave
  3. R

    338LM Bullet Setback

    I’m loading new Lapua Brass in pretty much a standard configuration. 250gr Scenar over 89.8gr of H4831SC. I’m clocking these at 2925fps. I’ve just been testing loads up until now and have been single loading these for fear of setback affecting my tests. So, now that I’ve found my loads, I’ve...