short action

  1. M

    SOLD WTS Greyboe Ridgeback 700 SA stock

    Bought this from another hide member about a year ago and have never used it at all. He claimed he has an origin SA and used it as a truck rifle. He did channel the firearm slightly to free from M24/competition contoured barrels. The bottom metal accepts AICS magazines and he said he used pmag...
  2. dcogan@360Precision

    Accessories Curtis Vector .223 Bolt - For Sale NEW

    Curtis Vector .223 Bolt - For Sale NEW 3 lug, DLC (diamond like coating) coated bolt Includes double pinned recoil lug Short action length M16 extractor .750” bolt diameter Spiral fluted Sales Tax for PA residents only Sale Price $395
  3. Cobrafox22

    SOLD Custom Impact Precision 6.5 Creed Rifle

    Up for sale is my nearly brand-new custom 6.5 Creedmoor bolt gun built off of an Impact Precision 737R action. The rifle has been mainly used for marketing pictures (back when I worked in the firearms industry) but has less than 20 rounds through the barrel. I've since moved on to a different...
  4. R

    Long Action Magazine Interchangeability

    @lash and @Tyler Kemp I figured we could start a new thread to kick ideas around instead of polluting @Terry Cross’s thread haha. So, the objective is to allow someone to go from shooting 308 Win to 338 Lapua with the change of a barrel, bolt and magazine. Extra points if it’s possible to step...
  5. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD AI 10 round 308 mag - $65 shipped

    Accuracy International 10 round magazine, great condition. $65 shipped conus
  6. DFNM

    SOLD MPA BA comp SA 700

    MPA BA comp chassis in a 700 short action Chassis is in really good shape still, has some wear marks but nothing too bad. $750 shipped to your door
  7. KeithStone

    Accessories WTT Tikka T3x bolt

    I have a stainless bolt with a 308 (.473) face and a short action bolt stop that I would like to trade for a magnum (.540) bolt face and long action bolt stop. Both came off a new action with zero rounds fired.
  8. DirtyDave69420

    Accessories Hawkins precision 700SA M5 Bottom Metal

    Moved back to my KRG setup, Used but not abused asking $150 no action screws accidentally sold it with a stock
  9. wyo_lrhs

    Firearms ARC Archimedes LA, Grayboe Ridgeback

    I've got an ARC Archimedes and Grayboe Ridgeback with Grayboe M5 Bottom Metal that I'd like to sell or trade. ARC Archimedes is a long action 0.473 bolt face with 30 MOA rail. Purchased new in February and currently has 50 rounds on it. Ridgeback stock in Woodland Camo and Grayboe M5 DBM...
  10. dcogan@360Precision

    SOLD Remington 700, McMillan, Proof Research 6.5 Creedmoor Bolt-Action - for sale

    360 Precision custom shop produced this rifle with the following: McMillan Carbon Ambush Stock ($795) REM 700 Stainless Short Action Standard .308 ($520) PTG Remington 700 Recoil Lug .300 Thick Stainless Steel ($55) Proof Research 26” Carbon Fiber Barrel .264 8 Twist 4 Groove Sendero ($729)...
  11. VaderRubiconJK

    Accessories AXSR1 Hammer Rail 16”

    Had this on my AX before going AOV. Used mostly for adding weights. Never been in a match, only bench use. $225 shipped pp ff or gs add
  12. S

    SOLD J Allen 700 Chassis

    JAE700 short action chassis. Right handed. Excellent condition. Tan with dark green accessories. Has bottom and side rails installed. Gen 1, but the inlet has had the appropriate milling work to allow for actions with trigger hangers so it's basically a gen 2 now. Action screws are captured...
  13. N

    SOLD McMillan game scout with grayboe dbm

    STOCK, bottom metal and action screws only. McMillan adjustable game scout for Remington 700 SA. Grayboe m5 bottom metal (stock was inletted by LRI). Barrel channel was opened up a bit (I had a Wilson #4 in it). Bolt knob area was filed a bit and is rough, but you could clean it up. Will...
  14. atepointer

    Accessories FS: KRG Bravo SA/XL Spigot

    I don't have thread responses set up to message me, but PM's do ping my work email. KRG Bravo for short actions and Remington 700 clones -Hook bottom cover installed(smooth cover included) -QD sling cup insert -Picatinny rail -Lenth of pull bolt kit(all 3 LOP spacers currently installed) -XL...
  15. K

    Accessories Sold

    MPA ultralite rem 700sa w/ anarchy outdoors vertical grip - 2.54lb Chassis is in the raw and ready for paint. Has been mounted to an action and less than 150 rounds fired. Perfect chassis for a light weight hunting rifle or NRL hunter series rifle. 750 shipped.
  16. Jdowney37

    Accessories Bergara BMP chassis

    Up for sale is a very lightly used Bergara BMP chassis stock. I bought this new with a Bergara 6.5 creed BA in it, I immediately pulled that BA and put my 6.5 PRC build in it. I shot 45 rounds through the gun while in the chassis. I did bed the chassis for the Remington 700 clone receiver, any...
  17. Jdowney37

    Accessories New HMR pro stock

    Getting rid of a new HMR stock, off of my Bergara HMR pro. The stock was bedded, I mounted a forearm pic rail and two round holder on it and ended up switching to a chassis. Inletted for SA 700 and clones, includes bottom metal, action bolts, and all 3 LOP spacers. Asking $350 shipped Will...
  18. H

    Left Hand Sale Left handed TL3 MDT LSS XL

    Used LEFT handed MDT LSS XL chassis, I used it on my TL3 SA until my manners got made. Comes with the OBI grips, the original MDT grips, LOP spacers, bag rider, and a sawtooth arca rail. $750 Shipped COUNUS OBO Open to trades for LH DT SRS barrel. arca rail.
  19. darth_ritis

    Has anyone built a 6.5 PRC on an R700 size short action?

    MDT makes an AICS mag that should work, the round seems to fit in the Bighorn Origin action ... not a lot of room to spare but it fits ... please share what success or problems you've had doing this.
  20. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD XLR Element Gen 2 SA chassis with folder, accessories

    Up for sale XLR Element with folder in very good condition. This is the short action model for Rem700s/700 clones. Fantastic chassis, sad to sell but here we are. It comes with Ergo Deluxe Vertical Grip, XLR’s extended buffer tube (in case you don’t want to run the folder), SAP’s two round...