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    Shorter barrel is more accurate thread help.

    I"m trying to tell someone who believes that the longer the barrel the more accurate the rifle. I understand magnums may need more length, but for the .308, I"m tryng to find the post where they used a hacksaw to cut the barrel and the rifle shot fine. Or any other post in which the barrel...
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    .223 trim to 1.750 what if length is shorter?

    i have some once fired LC 06 nato headstamp. some of the cases are allready under the 1.75 as short as 1.744. as long as i fit the projectile to the proper cartridge overall length am i good to go? also while i am asking questions. i have 5 manuals none list the reciepe i found components for...
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    What reduction to expect in a shorter barrel?

    If I have a given velocity in a reloading manual for say, a 24" barrel, is there a formula for reducing this per inch? I'm shooting out of a 22 7/8" barrel and would like to know where the baseline is for getting started with a new load against what the manual shows.