1. P

    Rifle Scopes Why Not Use Burris Signature Rings?

    After seeing how the Burris Signature rings work, I wonder why anyone would buy anything else. I recognize that many higher priced rings are exceedingly well made, and I do appreciate that, but the Signature rings offer cheap and easily adjustable MOA, no scope marring, no requirement for...
  2. S

    terry cross signature stock?

    who makes these stocks and can you buy rhem anywhere? I love this stock and need one!!! Help!!
  3. jhedg

    Rifle Scopes Burris SIGNATURE WTF

    Am I correct when I look at there spec sheet 22 moa total adjustment on there 6-24 what the hell would it be good for I guess 600yrd and in just seems crazy. I love burris glass.
  4. McCrazy

    Maggie’s Signature line witicism

    A lot of members on this forum have some interesting taglines for their signatures. I just got an e-mail with several so I though I would start a thread for people to contribute. " APHORISM: A SHORT, POINTED SENTENCE EXPRESSING A WISE OR CLEVER OBSERVATION OR A GENERAL TRUTH; ADAGE The...