1. mhgray5

    SOLD SLR B-15 16" Rifle .223 Wylde

    Rifle will be disassembled and sold as individual parts at a later date. 16" AR-15, parts listed below. The rifle was built properly by a certified armorer under a class 2 SOT. The suppressor is not included. SLR B-15 matched upper and lower receiver. This is NOT the ambidextrous lower. SLR...
  2. R

    Gunsmithing SLR upper with Geissele MK14 handguard

    I recently decided to do a higher end ar15 556 build using an SLR receiver set. I really like the Geissele MK14 handguard but it doesn't appear to fit properly. I could file down the interior surface of the two antirotation ears to get it to fit but am a little concerned with them being so short...
  3. ChristianPratt22

    Aero Precision M5 Build Help! .308 Conv to 6.5CM

    Looking for some guidance on part selection and compatibility for my Aero M5 build! Current build is complete and functional, but I'm swapping calibers(barrel) from .308 to 6.5CM as I was gifted a new Wilson Combat Match Grade Super Sniper 20" Barrel. The gun will be suppressed in about a year...
  4. M

    Rifle Scopes Falcon Menace 4-14 FFP -- SLR or ML16 reticle?

    Is there a consensus on which reticle is "better" with MIL knobs? I'm kind of leaning toward the ML16. Where's a good place to purchase one? I've been checking RWS periodically but they're always out-of-stock. Mike