1. P

    Gunsmithing SMLE No.1 MK III rear sight removal help

    Got a SMLE in good shooting condition for nothing and it looks like a good gun for my "Truck gun" project. Going to duracoat, do a scout scope base and shorten the barrel, but I was wondering how to get the rear sight off. Looks like if I remove the cross pin, top screw and possibly add some...
  2. Cobracutter

    Value of a Enfield SMLE?

    Hey guys its been a while since Ive posted here. I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is I'm about to buy a New rice rocket. Bad news I have to sell some guns to pay for it. Maybe that's good news for you guys. I have here a pristine enfield SMLE from ww2. It is by far the best...