1. S

    Who's Shooting the TacPro Lone Star Match Sep 19th

    Hello all, Just wondering if anyone is going to the TacPro Lonestar match in September? I'm going to be there with a buddy. Did it last year, a very humbling experience when the wind kicked up. -JC
  2. Niles Coyote

    Movie Theater Star Trek (with out the BS)

    Being a border line trekie, I made the pilgrimage to the first showing and took my wife along. I can’t be real objective as I was raised on the tail end of the original Star Trek and of course followed The Next Generation and Voyager. If you’re a fan you are going to love this movie, if your...
  3. Ross0341

    Movie Theater Star Trek

    CAMS, get em while there still working..
  4. blboyd

    Maggie’s The 5 Star groundhog removal service

    <span style="font-weight: bold">The 5 Star groundhog removal service</span> I stumbled across this while watching another video and I knew this was a must for The Hide. I know who I'll call from now on. It just saddens me to think I can never reach the awesomeness of this character. Link...