1. carbonbased

    Recoil: Sound & feel from different stocks and chassis?

    When you pull the trigger, how does your stock or chassis sound? Is there a ringing? No sound? Something else? And how does it feel? Dead? Tuning fork? Something else? I’m coming from wood or laminate stocks, where I hear no sound from the stock, and it feels pretty dead. But I’ve never shot...
  2. 4

    McMillan lead Times ?

    Hey guys looking at getting a McMillan A-4 for my custom build with their marble finish and a couple of other add ons. Anyone have any idea of there current lead time of stocks? I would call them but it is the weekend....Thanks guys !
  3. J

    applied weapp tech stocks

    Just got in my new applied weapons tech stock.its very well built the machining is excellent. Finish is great it had plenty of room for my 1.25 barrel .it weighs in at 4lbs.the company is fairly new the owner polite these stocks are goin to be a hit get on there web sight and check them out if...
  4. O23fish

    New stock for Tikka Tac-

    Looking to upgrade my stock on my CTR Tikka(T3) .308 tactical rifle. Shoots dime groups @ 100yds now,when i do my part. I want more range. Money is an obvious factor(family) what's the best bang for my buck? Pillar bedded..rather aluminum block ect. Looking at the xlr evolution but at $700.00 I...
  5. jw1911

    Need input/advice on stocks.

    I've saved up enough dough to buy the rifle to go under my scope. So for now I need input on stocks. Here's what I know: I love pistol grips - I can get my bigass hand on it. I am "comfortable" with all of my hunting rifles - the "monte carlo" style. You know, factory. I have a...
  6. N

    Stockade stocks

    Anyone sporting a stockade stock?? If so what do you think of them,anybody have one and think it was sh!t?? Any pics of rifles in a stockade stock so i can get an idea greatly appreciated!
  7. T

    "Hypothetical" MKII / Marlin replacement stocks

    tying in with these 2 topics, TRYING TO GET INPUT ON SOMETHING SIMILIAR, so i can get the ball rolling on a tactical...
  8. Pusher591

    Marine Corps Stocks

    Anybody know how to get a hold of an M40 A3 return stock. I know they are hard to come by but maybe someone can at least point me in the right direction.
  9. Dsparil

    Gunsmithing HS Precision Stocks and the Badger Ordnance EFR

    can HS Precision stocks be inletted for the EFR after they're bought?
  10. T

    McMillan stocks

    Hi all, Quick question. Right now I have a 700 5r that needs a new stock. Want to get a MM a5 that is marblized. I've done searches both regular and advanced to look at others combos and haven't come up with a whole lot. So, if you have one please post and include the percent of the colors...
  11. GunjunkieM24

    Lets see your rifles in AICS stocks.......

    Looking to build a new rifle in the AICS 2.0 stock. Having a hard time deciding which color. I would also like to see some close ups around the fit around the action area... I am going to be building a Magnum long action and I worry that the folder area is going to be painful on the nose....Any...
  12. Brushout

    TAC MOD Stocks

    Has anyone got any experience with the TAC MOD stocks that Surgeon Rifles sells as an upgrade?
  13. B

    Manners Stocks - action inlets

    What are the action inlets that manners stocks are available in? I can't find it listed anywhere
  14. C

    SSS savage stocks

    Been looking at these alot lately, wondering if anyone went with it and how they chose to finish it. Pictures would be greatly appreciated.
  15. S

    Lets see some manners t-3 stocks pics

    I am really wanting to buy a manners t-3. I think it will be the perfect stock for my next build. I am wanting a rifle to hunt coyotes and hogs with. I will also use the rifle for a tactical comp if i ever find one close enough to home. We dont have crap around here, and it sucks!!!! Anyway the...
  16. S

    Gunsmithing Removing Paint from Return Stocks

    How are you guy removing paint from the Mcmilian return stocks?
  17. T

    AICS stocks

    Where's the best place to get these??? Thanks, TM
  18. H

    What stocks are available for a savage DBM.

    Im eyeing a savage long action with DBM system and havent seen an after market stock that would fit it. Am I missing it or does it not exist? Im looking for some time of composite, not a lamanate. howdy.
  19. C

    Modular stocks for Remington 700's

    I am looking for input /websites/pix on modular rifle stocks for Rem 700 actions. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  20. M

    Pros and Cons of Tactical and Hunting Stocks??

    {Yes, I've done a lot of searches and reading, but found nothing quite on topic) I am considering a custom build in 308, Surgeon action and DBM. I'm interested in the pros and cons of a tactical (say, A5) stock vs. a hunting stock (say, HTG or HTG adj). I currently own hunting rifles. I...