1. Twisted

    Remington or CCI subsonics available anywhere????

    It is so hit or miss trying to find them locally and when I do there is like a 3 box limit. Anyone know where I can find a brick or two online?
  2. B

    Usefullness of subsonics

    I was pondering the purpose for a subsonic .308 round when I saw a lawn wrecking armidillo in my front yard last night around 11pm. Not wanting to wake the neighbors or ricochet a bullet into someones car, I decided to try the subs. The 175 smk with 10gr of trailboss will devastate a 'dillo...
  3. B

    the sound of subsonics

    I just loaded a few rounds of .308 using 10.0gr trailboss and a 175SMK. I was very pleased, I never thought a centerfire rifle could be this quiet. I don't have a can and I believe it is still quieter than my 17HMR. I didn't chrony any of them or shoot for a group, I was just testing the load...