1. Aquapaul

    Desert Tech 26" 308 Barrel, SRS A1

    Have a barrel only for sale 26" Desert Tech, not sure how many rounds for sure have been through it. Guessing a 100-200. It has a Terminater T3 brake installed that goes with it. $700 shipped via USPS
  2. G

    Eberlestock Terminator Review *Pic Heavy*

    My new Eberlestock Terminator came in last week, and I have had a chance to take it out into the field, to the range, and see how it loads out and how well it handles weight. The Terminator is Eberlestock's newest pack, based on the same design as the Operator. For the most part, the only...
  3. 300WSM

    Movie Theater Terminator

    anyone see the latest one yet?
  4. ewoaf

    Movie Theater terminator: salvation

    just saw a trailer....looks pretty good, christian bale plays connor, this time their fighting the machines in the future..may 21 i guess this was the one filming where he had his little rant that was caught on film.