1. Jered Joplin

    Patriot Arms / APA lead times

    I just wanted to take a second and let everyone know where we were at these days. We have been really busy and I have been really distant on this site for the most part. We have had our nose to the grind stone for the last 6 months. Our wait times on complete builds were approaching 11...
  2. rweldon

    How many times can .308 brass be reloaded?

    How many times, realistically, can .308 brass be reloaded?
  3. fnbrowning

    Post Times

    I need to find the date stamp of when a PM was sent. I can't find anything but an undecipherable number. - BTW, when I think about it, why isn't there a permanent date on all IM's and thread posts? - That's how it's done on 99% of all bulletin boards.