1. Dparker1901

    Reloading Equipment Ponsness-Warren 375 Shotshell Reloading Press (w/ Tooling Kits for 12, 16 & 20 Gauges!)

    I inherited this reloader and the reloading kits for 12, 16 and 20 guage. See photos. Unfortunately I don't shoot enough shotgun to warrant reloading. It is in good mechanical working order and includes a LOT of assorted wadding for 12, 16 & 20 guage. 11 bags of 12 guage, 1 bag of 16 and a...
  2. LucasRaymond

    SOLD SKB 785 Sporting Clays O/U Shotgun 12 g

    -SKB Model 785 Sporting Clays 12g shotgun - 30" barrels -includes Briley choke tubes in photos (cylinder, improved cylinder, diffusion, skeet I, Skeet II, Modified, custom .740) -I used this gun for sporting clays for but haven't shot the gun once in the last 8 years -$1400 CONUS with insurance...
  3. SubsonicTech

    Firearms *PLEASE DELETE* Moved to Left Hand Firearms Sale Forum

    Fabarm AXIS RS12 LH Trap Combo. 32" O/U barrel + 34" Unsingle barrel. Excellent condition - 407 rounds through the shotgun total (382 through the Unsingle and 25 through the O/U). Gorgeous Turkish walnut stock with left hand cast on (.1875 at the toe and .125 at the heel). Purchased new in 2019...
  4. chadg

    Advanced Marksmanship trap or lead

    Lets hear some comments on trapping or leading. And which is more productive for you, and why.