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  1. K_4c

    Suppressors Glock grip tricks?

    Has anybody ever used a bedliner/rubberized sealant to use on the glock grip?? I would love to see/hear some ideas. Thanks for any advice given, Kinnamon
  2. rweldon

    Tricks for keeping a .223 projectile straight

    I just started reloading .223 am I'm having a hard time keeping the projectile straight before seating it. When I can keep it straight, it seats fine, but if it gets a little crooked before seating, it keeps screwing up the casing neck and then I have to resize it. What can I do to assure it...
  3. J

    Tricks to reducing run-out?

    I'm having a hard time with quite a bit of run-out in my 308 loads. I'm using Lapua brass, 175gr SMK, FL size with a Redding S-type die, Wilson chamber seater die with a K&M arbor press. Currently my run-out is anywhere from 0.0005" to 0.005". Any ideas?
  4. J

    Rifle Scopes Tricks to mount optic perfectly horizontal?

    What's the trick to mount the scope perfectly flat?