1. Ren

    Photos Upgraded Daniel Defense M4

    I Upgraded this rifle by replacing the stock barrel with a Lilja m-4 barrel and an LMT sopmod stock, and an ARMS 41b folding front sight. All groups were shot using the stock trigger and ACOG. This is only the second outing with it. Im going to shoot it out as far as I can this weekend to see...
  2. 1shot2kill

    Rifle Scopes upgraded elavation knob bushnell 3200 elite

    does anyone know of anywhere that i can get a replacement elevation knob for a bushnell elite 3200 10x i diddnt loose it i would just like one with a different profile i was thinking maybe larger in diameter possibly similar to a uso erek knob
  3. G

    Hunting & Fishing Upgraded the Savage

    Just added a new Medalist stock to the pig popper. Hope to shoot it by the weekend. Groundhogs are scarce around here this year. Need find a new hot spot.