1. R

    Firearms WTS/WTT Glock 34 Gen 3 w/extras

    I am selling my G34 with the following mods/adds: Gen 3 (I think it's a gen 3, if I'm wrong, let me know). -Stock Glock barrel - This thing is a tack driver: Way more accurate than I am. -Apex trigger w/blue safety -Aluminum magwell -Brass weight in rear of grip -2 17 round factory Glock mags...
  2. Infidel1911

    Accessories Red Hill Tactical Glock 19 Holster Left Hand

    Brand new Red Hill Tactical Holster for Glock 19. Carbon Fiber Outside, Blood Red kydex inside. Upgraded DLC tension screws. Compatible with Tek-Lok or any of Blade-Tech's attachment systems. **Left Hand** $60 shipped
  3. APSC.mp4


    USPSA Match Video from Austin Practical Shooting Club March 2020 match. 1st PCC and High Overall.
  4. cvbond

    USPSA Area 6 Multi Gun Match, Conyers, GA--Oct 2-4

    We will be doing a Multi-Gun Match this year and will be using the San Angelo scoring method. Thanks again to Nordic Components and Tim Ubl for agreeing to be our Match Sponsor! Right now it looks like the mix of stages will be something like 1 each of Rifle, Pistol, & Shotgun, 4 combo (2 guns)...
  5. Rich Emmons

    Suppressors who shoots USPSA from Texas

    I'm wanting to start shooting USPSA matches and am absorbing a wealth of knowledge from Brian Enos site. I was just wondering if anybody I know here shoots these matches. Since I've been shooting tactical matches my pistol skills have always lacked especially when watching guys like this...