1. Rogerthatout

    Rimfire 22LR Vudoo V22 20” Carbon Fiber Barreled Action w Timney Trigger

    Vudoo V-22 with Specs; 40 MOA Rail 20” Carbon Fiber Wrapped Barrel Timney Trigger I used this for plinking squirrels and 1/4” steel plates for a couple years, it’s pretty awesome. Easy shooting long long range with the 40MOA rail because just about any decent scope, even with limited turret...
  2. The4GunGuy

    SOLD Vudoo V22 Gen 2 Barreled Action For Sale

    THIS HAS BEEN SOLD Have used for one PRS season. EXCELLENT condition and I take very good care of my equipment. Kukri 20" barrel 2 Mags (1-10rnd, 1-12rnd) 2 Speed loaders Upgraded bolt knob Threaded end with protector No trigger (as comes from Vudoo) Can give you tested Center-x lot number...
  3. D

    Rimfire Vudoo V-22

    Have a Gen I Vudoo V-22 for sale. Has an [email protected] bartline, 20 MOA rail, 10 round mag, 15 round mag, 12 round metal mag. $1,500
  4. J

    SOLD Vudoo Gunworks V22 / ACC chassis

    Have for sale a Vudoo V22 action(Gen 2) with a MTU 20" barrel, with a Trigger Tech Special trigger, sitting in an MDT ACC chassis, with a Athlon Ares BTR 4.5-27X50 scope. Comes with one magazine and has right around a brick of SK standard through it and is a tack driver! Asking $3000 for the setup.
  5. Ak7

    Rimfire ***SOLD***

    Vudoo v22 gen 2, jewell HVR trigger, MPA BA chassis. MPA has the ultra bag rider on it and is folding. Excellent set up, couldn’t ask for a better shooting .22. Has 650 rounds down the pipe. The smaller group in the pics was at 50 yard, the slightly larger one was 100, both 10 shots. Not looking...
  6. Panther

    Rimfire Vudoo V22 AICS Single Shot Adapter, Bolt Disassembly Cocking Tool, Mag Loader Tool, Magazine Bench Tray

    I have 3D-printed parts available for the Vudoo V22. These are all things that I made for myself and use them with my Vudoo, but then other Vudoo shooters at local matches wanted some too. I’m making them available to our ‘Hide members here. Most items are made to order, so you can pick your...
  7. J

    Rimfire Vudoo Gunworks V22

    For sale a Vudoo Gunworks V22 barreled action. It is the 18" MTU contour. Trigger Tech Special Trigger. 500 rounds down the pipe. ****Scope and rings not included******* $1800
  8. unoigo

    SOLD *SOLD* Vudoo V22 20” Kukri BA

    *SOLD* Bought in Dec of last year, 2 months old and 320 rounds through it. Shoots great but I’ve found a MTU profile barrel and want the extra weight. 20” kukri barrel 30 MOA rail 2 10rd magazines Ships as shown with one additional mag, action screws and trigger pins. $1750 to your door...
  9. unoigo

    SOLD WTB: Vudoo V22 Magazine

    I need a spare but will buy up to 3 if you have them. Prefer the polymer. Thanks
  10. unoigo

    SOLD WTT/ WTB: Vudoo V22 Barreled Action

    Edit: FOUND!! Thanks
  11. T

    Picked Up A Vudoo, Man was i wrong

    Gang, I picked up a Vudoo yesterday, got a scope put on her and took outside to my backyard range. Man, my Tikka, Kidds, Annie and 452's are great shooters and for the longest time I couldn't see spending the extra cash for a Vudoo although I knew one day I'd end up with one. Well the stars...
  12. Gunfighter716

    Rimfire SOLD: NIB Vudoo RH Single Shot Adapter

    New Vudoo RH Single Shot Adapter for the V-22 repeater. I bought this when I originally got my Vudoo earlier this year, but have not used it. Decided to get in line for a new V-22S and won't have a need for this. Price is $60 shipped. Payment via PayPal F&F preferred.
  13. Gunfighter716

    Rimfire SOLD: (3) Vudoo V-22 .22LR 10rd Mags

    Upgrading to aluminum mags and have 3 V-22 polymer mags for sale. One with the black follower has seen light use and the others are new. Price is $85 shipped for all three. Payment via PayPal F&F is preferred.