1. BillyD

    Accessories SPF-Longshot Target Cam System with 3 Cameras LR-3 3

    I have a 3 camera Longshot Target cam LR-3 3 and two receivers. These things reach out over 2 miles and you can view from your cell phone or tablet even without a signal. It’s an amazing set up. I got the extra receiver in case I wanted to shield a camera and bounce the signal or run from two...
  2. The4GunGuy

    TriggerCam for Practice

    Hey everyone! Just did a video on the TriggerCam and thought you'd like it. This thing is really helping me understand what I'm doing wrong during practice. Going to use it in a match soon on specific stages (single target). Enjoy!
  3. V

    AR15 Operation Animation/Explanation

    A CAD animator put this together. It is an excellent video covering the AR15 and its functions. It even covers how the auto sear and 3-round burst work. It's well worth a watch.
  4. ceruleanblue

    Nice video showing Wake Turbulence until Impact

    Thought I would share a nice video of a long range shot where you can see the wake turbulence. I took a cell phone to the eyepiece of a spotting scope. If you turn up the volume you can hear the shot and then the impact. I used slow motion on the iPhone. Enjoy.
  5. lowlight

    Plan X from Outer Space

    The Terrapin X has been updated many times since its release and I wanted to do an update video to outline a few of the changes. First off, the Terrapin X has been out for a few years and people always ask if we are still fans of the laser. Well, we are, I continue to use mine pretty...
  6. A

    Photos We Like Shooting, our first trip to Thunder Valley

    Thunder Valley Precision - YouTube The place is amazing, will return armed!
  7. punisher

    Punisher from NC checking in

    I am just now getting around to posting here, I stay busy. I appreciate the info and hard work that others share here. I am blessed to own a (private) range offering 750 yards and many steel targets. My current girlfriend is a custom build 260Rem. We are still getting to know each...
  8. S

    When a LONG RANGE MARKSMAN makes a video game :

    Hello SH elites, I just wanted to quickly share my video game project that is catered to sniping enthusiasts. I have loved sniping since I was tiny, and have recently picked up long range shooting (I'm under MOA with my Rem700SPS tactical + Vortex PST viper budget rig :D) I am running a...
  9. O

    Maggie’s IDPA with a Hi-Point *funny* (Video now posted)

    Took me 4 hours to make while the hide was down... enjoy.
  10. GardDog

    Hunting & Fishing Weapon Mounted Video Camera

    I'm looking into either getting a "stand alone" weapon mounted camera like the Epic Stealth Camera or a mount to attach my existing camera like the Deer Ridge Gun and Bow Camera Mount. Anyone have any personal experience with either of these or a similar mount?
  11. Swampkat

    Maggie’s Microsoft's new German viral video
  12. rcnpthfndr

    Hunting & Fishing Trail cam pictures from the yard * added video*

    The other trail cam threads inspired me to try one out. Here’s some pictures from the last couple of day. The next couple of days we are going to try the video feature out. I do see the need for a faster recovery time between pictures, i guess its time to upgrade already.
  13. shankster..

    Maggie’s Hilarious Exerciser Gadget Video

    Although this is targeted for women. I can think of a couple of guys on this forum that probably own one. <span style="font-weight: bold">Dynamic Inertia</span>. Yeah, that's what it's called. <object width="425" height="350"> <param name="movie"...
  14. lowlight

    New Video Service with Interactive Features

    Sniper's Hide is just about ready to unveil its new video service that features interactive elements. <object id="objVeeplePlayer" classid="clsid:d27cdb6e-ae6d-11cf-96b8-444553540000" codebase=",0,0,0" width="525"...
  15. T

    basic marksmanship training video

    Just purchased this dvd I'm hoping to learn basic marksmanship skills first off before even getting into tactical part of shooting...I will be complementing it with books and practice ofcourse..cannot really afford a coach right...
  16. Arevalosocom

    Suppressors SPR/M4,KAC 23,MK12 DELTA,Spectre ****w/ Video****

    LWRC 12" SBR with AAC SPR/M4 can Degroat Tactical MK 12 DELTA on a Max -11 Knight's MK23 can on HK MK23
  17. flims

    50BMG at 1150meters video clip

    here is a video clip i put together from a recent shooting session. here i was the spotter, then we alternated there is more to come, meanwhile enjoy the pics. besides the steyr we had an AMSD nemesis seen below a Mc Millan One Hecate II as used...
  18. SAS_Sniper


    Hi guys! nobody has video or movie maker of his rifle?? i think that could to be a nice idea post our video... maybe posting a link from youtube! this is the mine...with an unforgivable themesong!!
  19. galveston22

    Question about Accu-trigger (Video)

    Just got a 10FP. My question concerns safety. I am able to have the firing pin release (I think) by pulling on the trigger, but without actually depressing the "take up" trigger. The rifle came out of the box with the trigger set as light as possible. Is this normal? Here is a quick video of...
  20. M

    208 A-MAX 300ultra test, new video,

    Well i have been wondering about the 208 A-MAX & retumbo for the 300RUM since i heard hornady came out with the 208, but haven't heard much about them for the RUM nor could i find any data for this combo, and ive asked everywhere to no avail, so i finally bit the bullet so to speak, and ordered...