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vld hunter

  1. Dr. Davy Jones

    SOLD 450+ bullets for $100 Shipped! - Hornady, Sierra, Barnes

    Berger 175 grain VLD Hunting- partial box of 79 185 grain VLD Hunting- partial box of 53 $65 shipped SPF**** Hornady 165 grain BTSP Interlock - unopened box of 100 165 grain BTSP Interlock- partial box of 75 178 grain A-Max- partial box of 79 208 grain Match- partial box of 58 $75 shipped...
  2. K

    Help On Berger 6.5mm 130gr VLD Hunting Projectiles For 6.5x55

    Hi Folks, I'm new here and this has probably been asked before, so sorry in advance. NZ is currently going through a crisis in purchasing, powders, projectiles etc.. I believe its pretty bad everywhere, not just here. The shelves are bare for all 6.5mm projectiles, in the shops, online...