1. Edub33

    17 HMR Semi Auto with Dead Air Mask

    Hey folks - looking for a semi auto rimfire to help eradicate some varmints in South Texas and some plinking. Does anyone have any experience with a Volquartsen Superlite 17 HMR vs a Savage Arms A17? Is the VQ worth the extra $1k? A Dead Air Mask will be going on it. Will either have issues...
  2. C

    KIDD Supergrade or Volquartsen Deluxe/Summit

    I am looking to snag a new .22 LR. I have historically used bolt action .22s but found that the accuracy between a high end 10/22, CZ and even a Vudoo to be roughly the same (obviously the Vudoo being the most accurate) with the right ammo. I have come down to a few different choices...
  3. M

    NO LONGER FOR SALE: PWS T3 Summit 22LR Straight-Pull Toggle Bolt Action, ALMOST New - REDUCED to $879!

    PWS T3 Summit 22LR Straight-Pull Toggle Bolt Action - REDUCED to $ 879 - Let's Move This Bad Boy! Factory-built rifle purchased NEW in December 2018 Only 250 rounds down the tube VERY LIGHT... ONLY 6 lbs 12.9 oz w/ Trijicon Accupoint 3-9x40 scope mounted (see pics)! KEY FEATURES: PWS Trigger...
  4. ms6852

    Volquartsen triggers.

    Does any one have a Volquartsen trigger in their Ruger10/22? If so, what is the trigger pull, and is it worth paying the money or better off disassemblying the trigger and polishing the sear, hammer, etc.?
  5. USMCj

    Anyone here have a Rem 597 /w a Volquartsen barrl?

    If so, what ammo does your rifle seem to like? I was thinking of picking up a brick of Wold MT and ME to see which does better, but if anyone has tried it already I can just buy the one that works better. thanks USMCj
  6. Halfnutz

    Gunsmithing Volquartsen kit for Ruger MarkII 22/45

    I have started doing some more pistol shooting and looking to upgrade my Ruger MarkII 22/45 for Bullseye Shooting. I have seen both positive and negatives about Volquartsen products. I can get this kit https://www.volquartsen.com/products/281-accurizing-kit-for-ruger-mkiimkiii locally for $74...