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  1. Evorg73

    SOLD WTB/ trade for 22lr barreled action

    Hello I’m looking for a barreled 22lr action that is in the 700 ten footprint. Willing to trade an impact 737 action barreled in 6br with fat bastard lll break. Barrel on 6br is 1:7 twist Bartlein barrel with around 2800 on it. Action is Impact 737 right hand smooth as butter. Any interest...
  2. M

    Gunsmithing ruger m-77 compact voodoo?

    hey yall, sorry if is has been asked. was wondering if theres any tried and true "medecine" for the lack luster accuracy of a m-77 compact in .308 that shoots 2-2.5 moa from the pencil skinny 16" barrel. im betting its due to the diagonally set action screw and piss poor stock but wondered if...