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  1. B

    Kestrel 4500 NV weather meter with Horus Ballistics

    Works perfect as it should. Just don't have a need for it anymore. Has a Night vision setting to be used with NVG's. Comes with original box and paperwork. Best way to reach me is texting (405)550-7420. $250 obo
  2. Jaeger_308

    77/22 All Weather ?

    I have a 77/22 All Weather that I ordered new with iron sights, here;s my question. I'm wanting to get it suppressed, what would be the most accurate option, having the barrel threaded or sending it off and having the barrel replaced with an integral suppressor ?
  3. B

    Sniper’s Hide Cup WEATHER ALERT for the Cup!

    Everyone coming from the North: it is going to be HOT on Thursday. Right now they are calling for temperatures in the 90's. Yesterday it was 94.5 and it was terrible. When you arrive please make sure to stay hydrated because we have a lot of events to do in the time frame that we have. See...
  4. N

    What makes an AW ideal for cold weather?

    I know they have a bolt with small channels cut into it, to give it less surface area for icing, and a exteneded magazine release, but it that it? Could you upgrade an AE with those simple things, say by getting a gunsmith to partially flute the bolt and order in a spare extended mag release?
  5. H

    Fieldcraft Good lube for cold weather?

    Need some good cold weather lube for my 700, browning buckmark, and ruger 10/22. The autos don't like to work so well when it's 20 below out... Thanks
  6. F

    WCRC 2x1000, March 1st, CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER

    WCRC picked up an extra day for a club match. Match will be March 1, registration at 9AM. Course of fire is 2x1000. Match fees are $15 for the day. If you have any question please feel free to email me at [email protected] Chris