1. G

    Hunting & Fishing Sitka clothing

    I was just wondering where the best place to buy Sitka clothing is I am mainly looking for jackets for waterfowl, specifically the delta wading jacket and duck oven. I am also interested in more of their whitetail collection. I was hoping someone would know where I could possibly find them...
  2. M

    Oklahoma hunters save Locked Buck!! Must see ending

    Wow is about all I can say and I'd of been shakin a bit more than that with him that close. No lie about the ending and they are lucky it didn't get wilder! BUCKS LOCKED UP ? Wild Rescue 2013
  3. cut rifled

    Hunting & Fishing Finally Booked My Canadian Whitetail Hunt

    Well we finally found our outfitter and booked our whitetail hunt in Saskatchewan at a place called Caribou Trail Outfitters 2 hours north of Saskatoon. Trip was $4500.00 but with the economy in the tank they did it for $3500 with license and tax included we will be hunting the last season Nov...