1. Opticsspecialist

    availability update, something for everyone, eotech, aimpoint, S&B, vortex, and Nightforce

    hey guys, I just wanted to give you guys an availability update, we have a little something for everyone and we're running some great promotions. Give me or Chris a call if you see anything that interest you or to inquire about other promotions. for anyone running an ar10 or any rifle that...
  2. Opticsspecialist

    Nightforce nxs compact 2.5-10x32 scopes in stock

    hello everyone, I just wanted to let you guys know we got in a big shipment of the new nightforce 2.5-10x32 scopes that are nightvision compatible and feature the new power throw lever and high speed turrets. Give me or Chris a call and we'll make sure you get into the perfect scope and mounts...