2020 "Run For Your Life" Run and Gun Biathlon - Nov 7-8, 2020 - Lucas Oil Ranch MO


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Aug 10, 2017
If you've ever wanted to try out a Run and Gun match, there are still some slots for the upcoming "Run For Your Life" Run and Gun next month at Lucas Oil in Cross Timbers, MO. This is one of the best matches of the year, hands down. It is halloween/zombie themed with all the shenanigans and fun targets that you would expect, and a costume contest! There is a 10km option on Saturday and a 5km rimfire match on Sunday. Note: There is NO requirement that you run the entire thing, or even any part of it. Roughly half of all participants just hike from start to finish.

Shooters will have the opportunity to engage targets from 3 to 850 yards, although this is not specifically a "precision" match. A gas gun would be a far better choice than a bolt gun for this match.

This year is a TEAM format where you run and shoot with a partner, however, there is a "Lone Survivor" division as well, for the few brave (foolish?) enough to try and tackle stages that are designed for 2 person teams to be able to finish under par time.

I'm not the match director, but I am match staff and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.

To register:

More discussion on the Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/800491880455017

There's also a costume contest!

Photo: Lisa Stennett

The 2020 Run For Your Life Zombie Run N Gun, presented by Lucas Oil Cattle Company in conjunction with Protect the Harvest, is a team based center fire, 2 gun biathlon. Competitors will complete a 10k run combined with a shooting competition. We will also host a rimfire event on Sunday that will be a single-competitor 5K. The competition is designed to challenge participants’ shooting and gear effectiveness under the duress of field conditions (extreme temperature, exhaustion, etc). This event is not intended for inexperienced shooters; all participants are expected to be familiar with the operation of their firearms and to observe basic principles of firearm safety at all times. With the exception of emergencies, Range Officers (ROs) are not allowed to help participants in any way. Good attitudes are a must. This event requires adaptability and flexible thinking.

Participants will receive both a score for their run (based on how long it took them to complete the course), and a score for their shooting (based on how long it took them to clear each course of fire.) The run score and shooting score will be equally weighted in determining the participant’s final score. This is true “run-what-you-brung,” field-style shooting, with no equipment classes. Classes for this event are Open, Jack and Jill(one male and one female team member), and a limited entry Lone Survivor class.

For the most part, if you want to carry it for 10 clicks, by all means, do so. Shooters are expected to have all their firearms sighted in and all their gear ready to go on the morning of the shoot. There will be no zeroing at the event. Think of this as a test of how you and your equipment would perform in a Second Amendment situation if you had to go take care of business at your current state of readiness, whatever that is. This particular run's "inspiration is the famed "Zombie Apocalypse." Imagine all the ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and vampires from everybody's favorite horror movie are real and decide to wipe out humans. Run order will be more or less random. We will try to be accommodating to participants who wish to share firearms or equipment (we can have one team run in the morning and the other in the afternoon). Multiple teams will not be able to step off together.

The only equipment that is strictly required to participate is a safe center fire rifle, a safe center fire pistol, enough ammo to clear the course (at least twice the minimum round count from the Course of Fire is recommended), eye protection, and ear protection. Everything else is up to the participant; however, water, a stopwatch, and a pen and notepad are highly recommended. Shooters may use any type of gear they want to carry their equipment with, the only requirement being that pistols must be carried in a secure holster that covers the trigger. Rifles may be carried any way you like, as long as they remain pointed in a safe direction. You may not use tracers or armor piercing bullets that have a hardened penetrator core ("Green Tip" M855/SS109 and anything a magnet sticks to will NOT be allowed). Your pistol must fire a pistol cartridge. Pistol Caliber Carbines can be carried as your rifle if you want.

First and foremost, all participants will be expected to comply with basic firearms safety at all times. If you demonstrate inability or unwillingness to follow basic firearm safety, you will be asked to leave, with no refund and no apology. Muzzles must be pointed in a safe direction at all times, and fingers must be off the trigger unless the firearm is pointed at a target. Rifles shall only be loaded when a shooter is at a rifle stage, after the RO has given the “fire” command. Shooters may leave their handguns loaded at all times. However, loaded handguns must remain securely in a holster unless the shooter has been given the “fire” command on a shooting stage. Some stages will be active, involving moving and shooting. Firearms may remain loaded during movement, but strict muzzle discipline must be maintained.

When a runner approaches a shooting station, he will be required to show the RO an empty magwell and empty chamber on his rifle. If another shooter is currently on the stage when he arrives, the one who just arrived will be instructed by a RO to start his stopwatch to keep track of his wait time (this will be subtracted off the participant’s run time when his run score is calculated). It is purely the shooter’s responsibility to keep track of his wait time. The ROs have no responsibility whatsoever to help you do this. Even if a RO offers to help you keep track of your time, you have no one but yourself to blame if this is not done. When the shooter is ready to shoot the stage, the RO will record his wait time if any. The shooter will be given a quick summary of the course of fire, as well as the commands to load and make ready. The RO will ask if the shooter understands the course of fire. If the answer is yes, the shooter will be given the “fire” command, at which time he may begin shooting the stage. Each stage will have a definitive start position and all stages will have a zone where the shooter must fire from -- either a particular hole in a barricade that you must shoot through, or a marked zone on the ground, in which every part of your body or equipment which touches the ground must remain inside of when you fire. Hits made from outside the designated area will not count toward completion of the course of fire. Every shooting stage will have a time limit. This is to keep the runners moving and to prevent large backups of shooters waiting to shoot a stage. If a shooter does not complete the stage under the time limit, he will receive a score of 0 for that stage, with one exception described in the stage brief. If, for any reason, the “cease fire” command is given, you will immediately cease fire, holster your handgun, and unload your rifle. You will do likewise when you complete a stage, or time out. The RO should tell you your time for the stage. The RO will record your time on your score card. You may want to carry a pen and notepad to keep track of your score in case there is a mix-up with the scoring. Every shooter must show a RO an empty mag well and chamber on his rifle before leaving each stage. A RO will give directions on where to go to continue down the trail. Shooters are NOT required to leave their rifle’s bolt open during the run… this is actually discouraged, as it will allow lots of dirt, debris, small animals, and other assorted goodies inside the action. There will be ample opportunity for this to happen on the course.

The Run:
The path for participants to follow will be marked with brightly colored flags and/or tape. Shooters must stay close to the marked path. Do not cut corners. Failure to follow the marked trail may take you into the impact area of a hot range!!! If the trail takes you through some difficult terrain, this is on purpose! Parts of the trail will be down a county road. Keep to the left edge of the road and watch for traffic. Certain obstacles and other challenges may be encountered along the way. These must be completed or may be skipped for a run time penalty.

Your Fitness:
This event is in a remote area, and you need to be aware of over-exertion. We should have some folks with medical skills on hand, but your health is your responsibility. If you start having problems, slow down... drink some water... listen to your body! There is no shame in walking the course... know yourself and your limitations.

Camping is allowed on site. Campers are allowed, but no water or electric hookups are available. If you want to have water/electric hookups, you can camp about 20 minutes up the road at Lucas Oil Speedway for a small fee. The nearest hotel is roughly a 35-45 minute drive away. More details will be released as we get closer to the match.

How to Sign Up:
The registration fee for the 2020 Run For Your Life Zombie Run N Gun is $125 per team. Fee for the 5k rimfire match is $25 per individual. Registration is limited to 70 teams for the centerfire and 50 participants for the rimfire. Registration will be handled through Practiscore, and payment is required before your registration will be approved. Make sure you are familiar with all of our rules and procedures before signing up. All participants must register under their true names. Tickets are non-transferable. Pre-registration is mandatory.

Lucas Oil Cattle Company is located in Cross Timbers, Missouri.The address is 26511 County Road 50 Cross Timbers Missouri 65634.
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