SOLD 3x Aero Precision gen 2 lowers CHEAP.


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  • Jan 15, 2005
    Gulf Coast, FL
    Selling 3x Aero Precision lowers as a package deal only. These are about 5 years old back when Aero was cranking out top notch shit. I’ve built a few AR’s on lowers from this batch and firm ent has been exceptional. Here’s what you get:

    - 1x NIB stripped lower receiver.
    - 1x New receiver partially built out with Aero parts kit and I believe a LMT FCG is what I put in this one. You need a stock/buffer kit and a grip to complete it.
    - 1x new receive partially build out with Aero parts kit with winter trigger guard. Parts kit is missing the safety selector, not sure what I did with it but the spring and detent are there. You need a safety selector, FCG, grip, and buffer/stock kit to finish this out.
    - 1x RRA stock/buffer kit complete minus end plate.
    - 1x milspec buffer tube

    The lowers run about $100 each from dealers and there’s another $150 worth of parts. I’m selling the whole lot for $300 shipped to your FFL.

    No sales to CA or anywhere restricted. Payment via Zelle or discreet PayPal family and friends only.


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