6.5 creedmoor vs. 7mm mag


Apr 29, 2014
Tuttle Ok
Don't mean to start a war but which is better overall? The 6.5 Creedmoor or 7mm Magnum? In ballistics, performance, price, long distance performance out to a mile. Just in y'all's opinion opinion which is better.


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Apr 30, 2011
Queen Creek, AZ
If you want a mile then got with the 7. The creed is very effective out to 1300yds imo with little recoil, lower powder consumption and a non belted case and has longer barrel life. The 7 will give you more energy for hunting if that is the goal and can be stretched further than the creed. If this is just a target rifle and will occasionally reach 1mile, I'd do the creed 1000 times over.

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Mar 16, 2008
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The 7mag generally shoots heavier higher BC bullets faster, hits harder, blows less in the wind. It is also more expensive to shoot, recoils more and gets fewer shots before the barrel is worn. A little too much gun for tactical matches but it'll work. If you will be shooting ELR distances often it's a better choice than 6.5 Creed.

6.5 Creed offers less performance but is more practical for general long distance shooting.

6.5 Saum is a great cartridge! Real happy with mine. Mine sends a 140 hybrid at 3125fps which is a mild to medium load in my longer barrel.


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Mar 25, 2013
If you are taking shots on game past 600 yards, go with the big 7.

If not, go with the CM.
Ive shot both quite a bit. I hunt with a 7mm mag. And its pretty much one starts where the other ends. If you push a 7mm 139 grain bullet at 3300 fps and a higher bc 139 6.5 at 2900 its gonna be close there. With the 7mm mag you got the option to go bigger and longer if you want. Ive owned 3 6.5 cm. i have a 7mm mag i will never sell. I say get a limbsaver slip on stock pad a good brake or a can and go with the 7mm. As far as barrel wear thats just part of the game. Golfers got green fees and all the shit that goes with it. $300 a year for a barrel is cheap.

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Oct 11, 2009
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I shot both my 6.5 CM and 7 wsm (similar) today in 15-30 mph gusting cross winds and the 7 wsm was the clear winner.

Do the math: 139 scenar at 2850 fps vs. the 180 VLD at 3100 fps. I gave up past 1000 with the CM where as the 7 wissum shined to 1400 yds.