A Pretty Cool Look at the New Veracity PH


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Bought one. I also own 2 Revics, one MIL and one MOA.
Initial impression: Revics are higher quality in just about every category
HUD, ballistic calcula, optic quality, num of resident load profiles (Revic 3 vs 1 Burris).
indeed, it looks like Burris copied features, HUD organization.
For the price point the Burris is a great way to break into this genre of Scopes.
and Burris is lighter, 30 mil tube and 50 mil objective. Also, Burris has MOA mode that indicates
the actual moa position of turrets as well as decoding turret setting and indicating range.
Revic at one time supported the MOA mode but removed it
I am Installing the Burris on an anshuts 17 hornet and will get some valuable range experience
soon. I’m particularly interested in finer, no click turrets.
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  • Apr 25, 2014
    Boise, Idaho
    Great feedback.

    I had no doubts it wasn't Revic quality. But there's something to be said for $1000 versus $3200.

    If it functions as intended I think it will fill a nice niche in the market.

    Looking forward to your thoughts.