A Surgeon and a Long Rifles Inc. Trued Remy 700 - A love story.


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Feb 1, 2012
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I am relatively new to the Hide as a participating member. I have lurked for a couple of years. I wanted to learn to speak the language before I opened my mouth and inserted my foot into it. I still have a lot to learn, and will continue to do so, but I do like this place. This is a tale, a love story and a journal. Today was a great day for me. A milestone if you will. Perhaps there are some among you.... The elite.... who will enjoy this story. For the rest of us mere mortals, I hope you get wood.... Like I did.... Today at the range.

If you do.... Please do not admit it in public. Just keep that part to yourself......... For you own sake.

Chapter One:

The Surgeon.

The Surgeon is work of art. A blend of metals, namely aluminum and steel. She wears a crown of glass called Nightforce ATACR, which in and of itself is a work of art. She sits on a throne fit for a queen called JAE-700 in coyote tan and black. Together they rule the hearts and minds of many a man. The lustful few who have dared to sacrifice the spoils of their effort and labor, and allowed this combination of royalty and beauty to honor them with her presence, undoubtedly share the feelings of joy and love these scepters bring into their lives. No I am not stoned, or drunk with lust. I just really like my rifle. I want you to like it too.... Or not.... I really don't give a damn. .... I'm just a story teller.


Chapter Two:

The LRI.

Like the Surgeon, LRI is also a work of art. LRI however may not command the attention the Surgeon enjoys because of her heritage, but she would not be thwarted. A common girl from the village Remington in Ilion New York, LRI was a diamond in the rough destined for greatness. When she was just a babe, she ventured out on her own to find her way. She endured the cold, the wind and the freezing rain on her journey of more than 2000 miles to meet her maker.... The one who would transform her into a throne worthy queen, where she would rule the wind....... right next to her ally....... The Surgeon.

During 8 days of intense effort, labor and love, the craftsman they call Chad, forged her into a world class beauty, a precision instrument...... Wholly capable in the right hands, she begged for her chance to stand next to the goddesses of her day, the titans of the long rifle universe. She would not be denied. She was reborn....... and she is glorious.


Chapter Three:

The "Reckoning"

On this day of April, two thousand and thirteen, these two seductresses ventured out together, to stand side by side and buck the wind, to prove once and for all that THEY would own the air, the distance and the paper, demonstrating that forever more, there would be no doubt that they claim the top shelf.......in the kingdom of Boogaloo.

The End.

Ok, now that fantasy boot camp is over, here is the real story........

These rifles are bad ass.

The Surgeon (591 action, 24" Kreiger 1:10, Jewel, JAE-700, Nightforce ATACR MOAR): 200 Yards, wind gusting to 15mph and steady for most of the day @ 10mph roughly 30 degrees from the right/front. Hornady 178 BTHP on top of 41.5 grains of IMR-4895 seated 2.107" to the ogive on twice fired (neck sized) Winchester brass using a Federal 210M primer. Chrono'd @ 2550 FPS. 1100' ASL 30.04 in/hg @ 74*F - 5 shot group.


I pushed the last shot low trying to load the bipod. I rushed the shot and flew the low right solo, and kicked myself in the mouth for it... I was pissed off, but the first 4 shots were money for me @ 200.

The LRI (24" Bartlein 5r 1:10, Remington 700 trued by Chad, Jewel, JAE-700, Nightforce NXS-F1 MLR2 ): 200 Yards, wind gusting to 15mph and steady for most of the day @ 10mph roughly 30 degrees from the right/front. Lapua 155 Scenar on top of 45.0 grains of IMR-4895 seated 2.185" to the ogive on twice fired (neck sized) Lapua brass using a Federal 210M primer. Chrono'd @ 2895 FPS. 1100' ASL 30.04 in/hg @ 74*F - 5 shot group.


Virtually the same thing happened here. I pushed the last shot low. I actually shot this group first and should have learned when I was shooting the Surgeon. Still a killer group for me @ 200, but I need to put a little less emphasis on pushing the rifle forward to load the bipod and focus more on steady breathing practices. As you can see, I tend to string vertically, and I am struggling with that.

Today was a day that started out shitty. In fact, I almost packed it up and left early because I was not shooting well, and the wind was steady from the minute I got out of the truck. I pushed forward and focused on 100 yard groups until I got my head squared away by taking five shot groups and then getting up from the line and walking away. That was the trick for me, because every time I got back in to position, I shot better, and the day progressed from there. After 50 shots @ 100 yards (25 from each rifle), I spent the rest of the day @ 200 yards and actually put several groups together throughout the day which I was particularly proud of. Those pics are below.

I had been struggling with tight groups ("chasing the unicorn" as another member aptly named it) @ 200 yards, but today I proved that even in the wind, I am capable at this distance and I feel I am ready to focus on 300 yards for the next few sessions. My approach is to spend as much time and ammo at each distance so I can learn to control my breathing and shoulder the rifle the same way every time. I think that practice is working out pretty good for me, and until someone tells me otherwise, I think I will stick to it. My goal is to work my way out to 600 yards and someday hopefully get up the courage to compete somewhere.

LRI with 168 AMAX w/ 44.0 grains IMR-4895 @ 2750 FPS. The top holes are a 2-in-1 before I realized I did not re-dope my scope for these loads. The next 3 shots near the middle were after adjustment. I had a few groups today where I actually put one bullet right on top of the other. The 168 AMAX's really work good in both rifles.


The Surgeon again with the 178 BTHP. Same load as indicated in the pics above. This was probably the best group I shot with the Surgeon today. That first shot was dead nuts center. The 2nd and 3rd were the shots just to the right, the 4th was just to the left, and then I gagged and pulled the top shot. Still a decent group @ 200 yards. I was well pleased.


Anyway, thanks for reading my fairytale and let me know if you enjoyed it or not..... or.....not.

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Oct 25, 2011
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I did indeed enjoy it, soon Ill get my chance to see Chad's work at the range on May 1st, hope to get some 1/4moa groups like that last one, but maybe smaller if the winds allow, or my trigger finger. Nice rifles, Boog!


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Jan 24, 2013
Thanks for sharing! - Pretty darn good for a lurker.

I wonder if Surgeon could build me a simple 6BR and I would just be done with this.