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SOLD Accuracy international Arctic warfare, 338 Lapua $4500

2 Shot

Full Member
May 5, 2014
for sale my AI AW 338 Lapua, I am the original owner and have less than 450-500 rds through it. The scope, rings and bipod aren’t include. I have install an arca HRD plate. I have install an AREA 419 suppressor adapter which will be included. The original break and a peck rail Spicket mount also. The 1750 pelican cases included.

i will pay for the shipping and insurance to your FFL if paid in full.

if you have additional questions or want to see more pictures let me know.


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Thanks Leroy. I know there was some concern on this potentially being a scam. I had received several PMs from concerned members and just wanted to let everyone know that the rifle arrived the other day and the transaction went smoothly. I know 2 Shot had some other items for sale so I just wanted to let everyone know they can deal with confidence.