AICS & Vipers Skins Pistol Grip Size


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Sep 3, 2011
I just got my 7mm Rem Mag build back from APA.

This was a build that I did for my 9yr old daughter. The Rifle was built off a standard Rem 700 7mm that was given to me by my father in law. My daughter has a strong relationship with grandpa so I decided to have this rifle customized for her. It was a bit rough to start with as it was used as a hunting rifle.

APA tuned the Rem trigger, installed a #7 Broughton 26" 9 twist 26" barrel, Little Jimmy brake, and bedded it into an AICS 2.0 stock that I installed Viper Skins on. The rifle is beautiful and I think the stock will work great for my daughter but I would like the grip size decreased slightly for my daughter to give her less of a reach for her trigger finger.

I'm wondering which has a smaller pistol grip, the AICS pistol grip skins or the Viper Skns?