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April 12th to 14th RifleKraft Sniper's Hide Course


HMFIC of this Shit
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  • Apr 12, 2001
    Base of the Rockies
    Hey All,

    The April Course is this week and it appears will have perfect weather for the event. Plan for 80 degrees days and potentially some wind.

    I will meet everyone at the Maverick Gas Station off Exit 80 (I-76) at 8AM in the South Corner. I generally get there 15 minutes early and we look to head north right at 8AM. Pick up any drinks and snacks, supplies you may need to chew on throughout the day.

    This is looking to be a great class, Chris has the Kraft Quick Wind (KQW) ready to roll, which is going to be a game changer for the community. I have worksheets just like Gravity Ballistics for you, where you will see the wind will unfold before your eyes, and we have a quick reference sheet so you'll never be left behind. Both sheets will be given out during the class.

    There is a bit of space (2) for any last minute joins, it's close by not 100% so just in case last month's weather turned anyone around, this month is looking perfect.

    Remember, MHSA is just up the road if you need anything, Erie is not too far at all, so if you forget anything we can call ahead or make sure it's on the shelf for you.

    The addition of the Kraft Quick Wind Method will be next level, one has this stuff. I want to thank James and Andrew for last month, their input was invaluable to create these updated sheets. As well I have added about 6 new slides dedicated to the KQW method, so there should be no question. Combined with Chris' instruction, next level stuff for sure. A combination Prone / Tripod Class featuring Gravity Ballistics and Kraft Quick Wind, boom.
    Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 5.28.32 PM.png

    A little tease for those keeping score.
    Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 5.21.28 PM.png

    Look forward to seeing everyone this weekend.
    Day 1 observations.
    After the initial fundamental diagnostics were finished and Lowlight and I were able to provide seeds of growth it fell into the students arena to germinate those seeds into sprouts.
    100% of students saw improvement in group size and positional poi improvement.
    Here is an example of diagnostic baseline data (top) to post day 1 work (bottom) demonstrating that capacity is there.
    Can anyone improve? Yes.
    Can anyone do it on their own? Probably.
    …In fewer than 30 shots fired? You tell me.
    These were all off of tripod.


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    Thanks to everyone that came out,

    Excellent class, perfect students to unveil this new course for us, and the weather was textbook


    Even in 12-18MPH winds these guys were making solid hits across the entire range.


    Thank you again for a great weekend of learning
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