Rifle Scopes AR mount & proper eye relief

Natty Bumpo

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Feb 21, 2008
Got a flat top AR last fall and ordered some low Burris Extreme Tactical rings for my 2.5-8X36mm scope. The objective bell wouldn't clear the handguard with the low rings, so I ordered mediums. Mounted the scope as far forward as I could, but still couldn't get a complete sight picture, especially when shooting sitting or prone (I bring the rifle in tight). In addition, the scope's still too low. With no drop in the stock of an AR. I can't get my head low enough to avoid a "crescent shadow" at the bottom of my field of view.

I've just been living with it like that for the last 7 months when today I re-mounted the scope in a Burris AR P.E.P.R. mount. It allows you to mount the scope further forward and is a little higher than their medium rings (I guess it's like a poor man's LaRue mount).

What a difference! I can get behind it prone and get the full picture. And there's no shadow or vignetting in the bottom of the sight picture. Haven't been to the range with it yet; just dry firing in the basement. But I can't wait to try her out!

Captain Kirk

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Re: AR mount & proper eye relief

The AR platform needs between 1"-1.4" of scope height, and as you found out, most optics need far more eye relief than the standard flattop rail will allow. An extended picatinny platform, or a cantilever scope mount will solve the issue.

Kirk R