Training Courses Ares Armor - 2013 LR SNIPER Course - MARCH 22nd-24th, CA


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Feb 28, 2013
Ares Armor - Sniper II Tactical Training Course.

March 22nd through March 24th

Instructor: Tyler is a Marine Corps Scout Sniper with multiple combat deployments.
Contact: [email protected] to register.

Course description:
The Sniper II course is designed to complement and further the Ares Armor Sniper I course. Building upon the foundations covered in Sniper I, the Sniper II course will introduce new advanced techniques. Students will establish an advanced understanding of ballistics. As a continuation to the positions taught in Sniper I, students will learn additional supported shooting positions from tripods and barricades. Students will shoot through mediums and understand the effects of doing so. By the end of Sniper II each student will have the confidence and knowledge to engage a target to the maximum effective range of their rifle, as well as, use advanced techniques for increasing stabilization through supported and unconventional positions. The course consists of classroom instruction, hands on training in a range environment with qualified instructors with backgrounds and expertise in the sniper community. Each student will be provided a data book, t-shirt, calculator, student handout, and Certificate of Completion.

Students will gain knowledge, confidence and skill base to: safely operate their rifle, apply proper marksmanship fundamentals, calculate wind calls, as well as understand medium effects on both target and projectile; therefore employing their rifle to maximum capacity from any position that may arise.

Student must have attended some form of basic long range marksmanship course prior to attending this advanced course. Students are advised that there will be zero tolerance for unsafe or reckless behavior, and any shooter deemed unsafe will forfeit their course fee and will be excused from the course.

Training Days: 3
Student Gear Requirements:
To be announced to student upon course registration. Round count of 250.

Course subjects covered in Sniper II:
• Advanced Fundamentals of Marksmanship
• Supported Position Shooting
• Barricade and Improved Position Shooting
• Ballistic Coefficient and What it Means to You
• Mediums: Effects on the Projectile and the Target
• Shooting through Mediums

Price: 700
Deposit (400) to reserve your slot can be paid. Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to course. Full refund can be given up to 2 weeks prior to course. Half refund given up to 1 week before course. No refund will be given after 1 week prior to course. Returning students receive 50 off course fees.

Contact: Ares Armor 760-978-9414, [email protected], [email protected]
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