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Apr 12, 2001
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To all those looking to use the PX Section

Understand this site is not a for sale site. In other words, you are not paying us to sell your products. It's a value-added section for contributing members. By contributing members, we mean those who use the site as intended. This is part of the reason we require a 100 post rule. You may upgrade your account with 101 posts via the Upgrade Link above, but that is just a post count and status change, not a license to use the PX in a way that violates the intent of the section.

The intent is to allow members to sell personal equipment they no longer. It's not a private pawnshop to flip equipment in order to make a few dollars on every and every sale. It's for individual members to have a marketplace where like-minded shooters can move unused equipment between each other.

Commercial entities or which includes individuals with FFLs, or guys who have decided to create a small home-based business to make gear. By gear, it could be 3d Printed materials, Nylon based products, etc. These in our eyes are businesses for the purpose of the site. Based on this, businesses are not allowed to post in the PX without being a commercial sales member. Commercial sales Upgrades are different from Post Count Upgrades. In other words, if you have a small home-based business, (even if you don't consider it one) You must have that yellow tag under your name. If you are offering members a product, any product, large or small in any quantity above what most would consider personal, you fall under this category.

With all this in mind, the rules have always been, Buyer / Seller Beware! As in Boxing protect yourself at all times as scammers do exist and they will target this site and you. We try to protect the membership at registration by manually looking at every new account for red flags. Red Flags for us come in many forms, Proxy Account, Location and IP addresses, Email Addresses, and even User Names. When we see a red flag, we reject the account before they can make any new posts. This is not a perfect system, scammers will log on and mask their accounts. Scammers will. make several accounts at one time and sit on them for months before using them. We get about 100 new sign-ups a day, and we have over 100,000 accounts on this site. We cannot be everywhere.

Buyer / Seller Beware

Often we will have members ask us to "Vet" their sale. We do not do this. I understand so moderators may or may not help you in the regard. I personally as the owner of the site, I delete these requests. If you ask me about Member X before you buy or sell something to him, I just delete it and move on. It's up to the individual mods to make their own decisions in this regard. Suspect sales of any kind should be "REPORTED" using the report link within the post. Reports are looked at every day.

If you are someone who asks for assistance in a sale from a moderator, I recommend you offer them something like a few bucks via Pay Pal or some other chosen system. This site moves fast and often, they don't need extra work in a thankless and pay free job. I want them to do less, not more. I prefer the members police their own ranks via the Report button. We manage our side of this, you manage your side. If you ask us to cross into your lane, buy the guys lunch.

We don't go hunting for a problem, but we often see problems that lead us to find other issues that may or may not be related. In these cases, we will act accordingly. It's not uncommon to find one dot connects to several others. When presented with a challenge most of us will follow that challenge to its logical conclusion in order to keep things running smooth. The guys have jobs and other issues on their plate, they don't need to be volunteered for more work. So give them some respect in this regard.

How well the site is perceived is usually a product of its membership. Sure people will dislike me and how I run, but the overall reputation is normally based on how the membership acts. Remember this, with a 100 new sign ups a day, losing two or three to bannings or removal from participation is not gonna hurt the stats one bit. This is the easy solution for us, the moderation tools give a couple of easy options, removal is the quickest and we don't play people's court very much, we just move on down the road.


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