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  • Jan 15, 2005
    Gulf Coast, FL

    I put this together earlier this year and just haven’t shot it. Dumping a bunch of shit to do a built auto swap in my GT500.

    Parts list:

    - Forward Controls Design URF V2 upper. Super high quality thick walled billet upper and the only billet upper that will work on LMT MARS lower. Has some cool features like a port below the deflector that’s has a screw that can be removed to vent more gas out the side in suppresses use. Has more features but I forgot. Made by Cross Machine and Tool for FCD if that tells you anything.

    - Forward Controls Design forward assist. LDFA? It’s the dimpled version. It’s supposed to be the shit and do something special but I bought it because it was pretty and expensive.

    - Proof Research SS prefit. 18” SPR 1:7 twist.

    - Geissele MK18 handguard. This is their 16” one with integrated Arca-Swiss

    - Geissele gas block

    - Geissele SCH charging handle

    - Q cherry bomb. This is brand new, was running a TBAC CB brake when I shot it.

    The barrel to upper fit on this was phenomenal, .0005 (yes half a thousandth) clearance. Properly bedded with Loctite 620. Gas tube was aligned to give zero pressure on the gas key as well.

    I did not pin the Geissele gas block. I installed it because the Superlative I had purchased for the build wouldn’t clear the inside of the handguard. I had planned to swap out to a SLR since I know they fit but after taking it to the range and seeing how it ran I didn’t bother. I intended to pin it after, just never did. It’s held in by the two clamping screws which is fine for a SPR as long as you’re not doing mag dumps. Both screws are red loc tited.

    Onto the good stuff. The upper has somewhere around 300-400 rounds on it I’d estimate, I didn’t keep count though. It’s been to the range twice. All match ammo except the first 50 was some hornady custom 55gr SP (the good brass cases shit) that I ran just to get a few rounds on the barrel and push any machining burrs out before testing with match ammo. I ran probably 150-200 rounds of IMI Razorcore 77gr SMK through it of two different lots. An older less than stellar kit shot about 3/4 MOA or a little more and the better one was just over 1/2moa for 10 shot groups. I ran a box of Federal gold medal 77gr and 69gr through it and it produced consistent 1/4moa 5 shot groups. Also ran 20 rounds of some old loads I had from one of my previous SPR’s (Varget, Berger 77 OTM’s, Tula 556M’s in WWC brass) and those were 1/4-sub1/4. Needless to say its a shooter. I only shot maybe 50 of the rounds suppressed (TBAC ultra 7) but during those rounds it maintained the same accuracy and was never over gassed.

    The only mark anywhere on it is some brass on the brass deflector. It was shot on two 100 yard ranges and that was it.

    Looking for $1100 shipped which is still a couple hundred less than these parts run new and you can’t even find right now. Cashiers check, certified check, personal check, Zelle, or USPS MO. NO PAYPAL.

    I’ll knock off $50 if you don’t want the cherry bomb.

    I also have a Geissele high speed national match trigger that I would sell to the buyer for an additional $250. Its got the same round count as the upper.

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  • Feb 22, 2007
    Good deal here. Proof barrels are crazy accurate.
    Just noticed the full length arca. Nice
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