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Bags or bipods


Jan 5, 2021
Vail AZ
When last I did rifles seriously everyone ran a front bag. Some of these adjustable bags were300 bucks then so being broke and a welder of sorts I made one out of a old office chair. Looked very rigged but it worked. Now I am seeing more bipods than I used to. I am thinking of running a front pod rear bag which seems to be populated these days. I have a couple pods that are fine for 223 but I question whether I would want to run 308 or 338 LM on them. So I have been seeing pods that actually mount to the sides of the rifle in my case it would be mlock. In a more traditional style I have been looking at Magpul. What do you guys think?


PX Member
  • Jun 9, 2009
    I recently bought a Harris BRMS 6-9 to use with Area 419 Arca lock adapter.

    Prior to that, I'd been running a Harris BRMS 6-9 with the sling swivel mount. Still have it and use it on my non-Arca'd rifles. Have never felt the need to "upgrade".

    Caveat to that, the Ckyepod double and tripple dongers are pretty cool but I have a real hard time stomaching the price... so I don't.