Black Friday and Holiday Sales JRH Enterprises


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Jun 17, 2020
Biggest BLACK FRIDAY and Holiday Sales event in our 30 year history STARTS MONDAY the 22nd![/size=6]

First come first served on these deals.

These units will ship out to you THE SAME DAY ORDERED (order before 1pm Eastern). Limited to stock on hand so move quick on these-

PVS14 3rd Generation Green phosphor GP3 model features Green phosphor SLH grade Elbit systems tube, manual gain control, autogating and all standard accessories. Blowing them out at $2850.00

AVAILABLE NOW! GP3 PVS14 Green phosphor 3rd Gen $2850. SHIPPING OUT TODAY and on sale!


PVS14 3rd Generation WHITE PHOSPHOR WP3 model features White Phosphor SLH grade Elbit Systems tube, manual gain control, autogating and all standard accessories. 1900 FOM and higher models discounted down to $3199.99

Use the drop down options menu to change to a 2200 FOM and higher tube to get more performance. A large quantity of units IN STOCK ready to ship to you TODAY! No 20 week wait!!!

AVAILABLE NOW WP3 PVS14 3rd Gen White Phosphor SHIPPING OUT TODAY and on sale now!



The units below are quick shipping which means 1-4 weeks and your card is NOT charged until your order is ready to ship.

BNVD dual tube set with Photonis Echo spec White phosphor tubes. The most popular dual tube platform on the market, now with Photonis Echo spec White Phosphor tubes. Sets feature full articulation with tactical cutoff feature that shuts down each pod (tube) when it’s rolled up to the side- or even both are. Also feature auto shutoff for the whole unit when it’s flipped up in the helmet mount. Brand new with 10 year warranty. Helluva deal normally but an even better deal for a few days! $1200. Off retail- Get one QUICK for $5745.


BNVD w/ Echo spec WP tubes on sale and shipping quick!

PVS30 Clip On night vision device- Knights Armory refurbished units will save you ten thousand off the price of a new unit. 1 year warranty. These units feature the new style housing that accepts either 1 AA or 1 CR123a. Shipping in a week or less and on sale for Black Friday week at $5850.


PVS30 on sale lowest price of the year and shipping quick!

Knights Armory UNS-SR Clip on night vision device. Much smaller and lighter weight than the PVS30, this is the best choice for 500 yards and under shooting at night. New with 1 year warranty. On sale for Black Friday week at $5795.

UNS SR clip on NV Devices on sale and shipping quick!


BNVD Single gain with Green phosphor XLS grade tubes. Green phosphor 3rd gen Elbit Systems XLS/XLSH grade tubes in the most popular dual tube platform. New with 10 year warranty on sale for Black Friday week at $5295! Shipping in 1-4 weeks.

BNVD SG XLS Green Phosphor best dual tube platform on market!


Other night vision deals-
Units below are also on sale but have fairly long lead times of 16-20 weeks however you are NOT charged until the order is ready to ship.

BNVD SG with White Phosphor HP tubes. 3rd Gen Elbit systems SLH grade or higher tubes in the BNVD platform with Single gain control. Autogated, all standard accessories. 10 year warranty. $7899. Plus ship- $1500. OFF retail!

BNVD SG with WP HP on sale for a few days!


ULTRALIGHT BNVD SG with White Phosphor HP tubes on sale!
The Ultralight BNVD Single gain control model on sale also. High specification Elbit Systems WP HP tubes, ultralight housing, autogated, manual gain control and 10 year warranty! $8999.

ULTRALIGHT BNVD Single gain with WP HP on sale!


More to come...

Armor sale-

Duritium GT2 Level III+ Rifle plates 10x12 in stock. Shooters cut and SAPI both IN STOCK and shipping SAME DAY order received. $125. OFF per plate now!!!

Duritium GT2 10X12 Level III+ plates on sale!


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Going to be some killer deals that you WON'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR!!!