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Accessories Brand New 6 Creed Impact Prefit Bartlein A-Team Precision


Sep 30, 2020
Good morning, guys. Here's a brand new, never installed 6 Creedmoor barrel from Brian Allen at A-Team Precision in Louisiana. I had him spin this up for me as a spare barrel a couple years ago and never used it - zero rounds down the barrel. The finish is cerakote over stainless, but he sprayed the coating over the protective "net" that is used to protect a barrel blank in shipping for a unique appearance. If you have questions, ask. All the details I can think of are below...

$650+ actual UPS ground shipping (can do local pickup in the central NC area)
Impact 737 Prefit
26" in length
MTU Contour? (1.212" for the first 2.5" tapering to .915" at the muzzle) - SOMEBODY CORRECT ME IF I'M CONFUSED ON THE CONTOUR
Bartlein blank
1:7.5 twist
Threaded muzzle (5/8x24)
Patterned cerakote finish
Overall weight - 6 lbs 1 oz


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