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Feb 4, 2006
Houston, TX

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Our Mission To Rescue, Reunite, Re-Home, Rehabilitate and Repair any retired working dog that has served mankind in some capacity. Rescue Any and all CWDs and MWDs as well as any other working dog that may need our help. Mission K9 Rescue is committed to saving them and giving them the...

If you have a few dollars that you could donate.....

Full disclosure, I have no association with this organization other than I donate money and have spoken with one of the founders several times.

This is an organization that is helping to bring MWD and CWD's home, provide needed veterinary care, return to former handlers if possible, and adopt to qualified individuals. Congress passed a law some years ago that allowed funding through DOD to bring MWD's home rather than leave them in theater as they did the War Dogs in Viet Nam. The issue as I understand, although DOD is authorized to pay for transport home if they are injured or retired DOD hasn't "funded" the effort.

Contractors on the other had have no incentive, economically, to spend funds to bring CWD's home. In 2016 a group of CWD's were euthanized in Kuwait. That is when I first learned of MissionK9.

They have had funding from PetCo for 3 years that is running out this year per my ortho surgeon. So they are, as always, looking for donations and corporate sponsors. A lot of SH members are dog lovers, former/current handlers, or military that may not be aware of this organization. More info than you need but I had a 5 week check-up for shoulder surgery and somehow the discussion went to dogs. My ortho surgeon adopted a bomb sniffer that blew out both ACL's from Mission K9. She has been through surgery and is in rehab now.

If you work for a company that will do "matching gift donations", my former company (I am retired now) approved Mission K9 for the program. Others may have the same option with their company that will double the dollars to Mission K9.

They would appreciate any support you can give. Thanks.


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May 13, 2018
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They would appreciate any support you can give.
According to their 2016 Form 990, only 8% of their expenses went to non-program management/general costs -- that's exceptionally low. They only spent $100K on their payroll, and around $350K went directly to the dogs they rescued: $200K for veterinary services, $65K for dog transportation, $45K for dog boarding, $35K for pet supplies and other dog costs.

Thanks for making me aware of this organization. My employer matches 100% of charitable contributions, so we've each made a donation.