CaPRC match 6/13/10 (Los Angeles, CA)


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Jun 8, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
The California Precision Rifle Club is proud to announce that our next match will be June 13th at the Angeles Ranges.
For details about the Angeles Ranges, see their website:


Signups start at 8:00am and shooting should start at 9:00am when the line goes hot.
Please arrive at the left side of the Angeles rifle range no later than 8:30am to complete your waivers, sign-in and get assigned your shooters number.
Your shooters number is also your position on the line so please lineup accordingly.


The $25 match fee includes the match as well as use of the range after the match is completed.
We usually try to finish by 1pm.
Bring 60 rounds of match grade ammo.
Be prepared to shoot as close as 10yds and as far as 600yds.
Be prepared to shoot from standing, kneeling, seated, prone and other improvised postions.
This match is open to bolt action and semi-auto rifles from 223 up through 308.
A velocity limit of 3100 fps will be in effect to reduce damage to club-owned steel targets.
Bipods, slings, shooting mats and rear bags are allowed and recommended.
Chamber flags are mandatory. If you don't have one, purchase one at the range or make something yourself.
This match is very "new precision rifle shooter" friendly so bring out your rig and see what it can do.

Please RSVP in this thread:
It helps us design our course of fire to suit the attendence level and still finish in time!


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Jun 8, 2009
Los Angeles, CA
Re: CaPRC match 6/13/10 (Los Angeles, CA)

We had 20 shooters show up to shoot today's match.
Total round count for the day was between 46 and 50 depending on how many shots were fired on KYL.
There were 790 points possible.

Here is a video of a couple stages:

Scores were as follows:

600 James J.
554 Michael V. (top 308 shooter)
434 Charles R.
359 Henry S.
354 Brian E.
351 Emilio C.
333 Zach S.
321 Ken H.
317 Kurtis K.
317 Joe V.
256 Robert B.
254 George S.
248 Sonny M.
235 Conner P.
190 Ben S.
146 Steven R.
145 Collin C.
115 Chris S.
65 Shaun B.
55 Keith N.

Full details here: