SOLD Closed. Cav-Arms/Bison Armory 6.8


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  • Apr 30, 2010
    Lower is sold. Upper, mags, and ammo listed in a new ad.

    Cavalry Arms Cav-Aid lower, #046. Those of you that have been around a while will remember these fundraiser lowers put out by Cav Arms to raise $$$ for legal fees against the AFT. (Let's not discuss the aftermath!) This was the 2nd lower I ever built, don't recall what LPK I used, probably RRA. I put a LaRue MBT-2S trigger in a couple years ago.

    Bison Armory built 18" 6.8 SPC upper, bead blasted SS barrel, YHM light weight rail. YHM Phantom mount, probably still have the original SS A2 style f/h here somewhere.

    I couldn't swear to the round count, but definitely less than 50. (Likely 25.)



    $1000 $950 ftf in central MI, Gladwin area, or + shipping.

    Ammo & mags available to the rifle buyer. Not for sale separately unless/until the rifle buyer passes.

    8 mags total: 1 used C-Products 5 rd, 1 NIP C-Products 10 rd, and 3 NIP C-Products 25 rd iirc. 1 used PRI 10 rd, and 2 NIP PRI 15 rd.

    52 rds Fed Fusion 115 gr. and 180 rds SSA 110 gr SPH. The SSA is the good stuff, original SSA. I've killed 2 deer and a hog with this stuff, tracked a grand total of 3 yards.

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