Rifle Scopes Colorblindness and illumination


Are any of you guys r/g colorblind that use illuminated reticles? Me, I can see normally and really prefer green over red. I know it ought not really matter, but for anyone else have you found one to work over the other? Are they completely useless when used over vegetation?

I ask because I would like to buy something nice for myself that additionally my dad can use when we are camping, and it seems like my best bet would be the Trijicon amber stuff. From what I've seen of theirs, I'm not digging the reticles. Are there any other options for low-light enhancement that isn't red/green that I might not be aware of?

Sure, it'd be nice to be able to order a slew of options and have him try them all, but that isn't realistic.


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Aug 29, 2009
Re: Colorblindness and illumination

I have a r/g color deficiency (like 20%-25% of the other males) so some sights do not work well for me.

None of the red lasers are worthwhile, but the green is good.

My Eotechs (553 and 557) seem to work better than my Aimpoint did.

The amber sight should be OK.

My illuminated reticle scopes (several USO and NF) will dial up enough that the red works OK.

The USO green-lit is nice.