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Firearms Custom Carbon Rifle - Anti, Manners, Proof, Hawkins, Bix, TBAC


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Jan 31, 2010
Dallas, TX
Wading deep into the Blaser R8 waters and consolidating some stuff.

Selling a rifle I built with brand new parts except the barrel which has well under 100 rounds on it. Just over 6lb pictured.

Option 1) $4,100
Defiance Anti Nitride, PRC cut, Standard and Magnum Bolt
Manners Factory Stock, Carbon
Black Canyon Rifles Proof Carbon 18" 6.5PRC 5/8x24 Cerakote Black
Trigger Tech Diamond Two Stage
Hawkins Hunter Bottom Metal

Option 2) $5,300
All of the above with:
NIB Factory Proof 22" 6CM Carbon Barrel
NIB Factory Proof 22" 6.5 PRC Carbon Barrel

Option 2 barrels available separately.




So you've been holding out on us! :D
Nice collection sir
Free bump,Good luck on the sale
I would be interested in the standard 308 bolt face if who ever buys this didn’t want it.
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