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CZ 600 Trail stock issue


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Mar 2, 2011
Wondering if anyone else has this problem- the stock collapses from the fully extended position when I fire the rifle. It stays extended if you hit it with the palm of your hand; it only collapses when shot. I’ve contacted CZ and it’s going back to get looked at.
I've only handling one in the shop and believe CZ has failed with the design. It sounds as if the latch is not engaging when extended, it may have a machining error or is something limiting it's travel?
A couple things
The cheekpiece should have two screws holding it in place, I don't see it lasting long without breaking.
If you don't have the stock fully extended and use a sling--attached to the stock point they provide, any tension (aka hang) will run the stock out to full extension. If they had milled the detent cuts all at 90 degrees it wouldn't do this. Changing LOP would require the user to press the latch to lengthen. If at full extension, a scope most likely will need a reverse cantilever for eye relief.

I'm not an engineer or weapons designer--but some of this is not rock science.
The other issue is a 2 moa accuracy claim?--2023 and a manufacturer can't make a bolt gun capable of better from a factory box? I know it's a field gun but that's poor.

Just shot 100-rounds yesterday, did not had issues.
But you better send it to the importer to fix, something aint right.
The rear "stock" is very wobble when pulled out.
Tested the rifle with out and with the suppressor.
With the suppressor s&b 55gr ammo was under moa, with out 2-3 moa.
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I just purchased a CZ 600 Trail (300blk), I'm having the same issue. 4 shots suppressed and 4 shots unsuppressed and the stock collapsed every shot.

Was there any resolution from CZ on the stock collapsing?
Yes. I sent it to them and they fixed it; I think they replaced the entire stock assembly. They had it for about a month. They were very helpful and sent weekly updates.