Group Buys EliteUAS Trijicon THERMAL BONANZA

Banned !
Jul 3, 2018
Grantville, PA.
Amazing prices on some of the best thermal equipment in the industry!

These are the advertised prices. For being loyal SH members and customers of EliteUAS , I have been authorized to offer certain thermals well below MAP and therefore I cannot advertise the prices openly, but if you click on my username, send a PM or call me direct at (717)443-6235 then I can get ya a discount link on some of the best thermals that are USA made from Trijicon, without a wait time. From order to your door in 10-14 days (or less). Same goes for the Andres Defense TIG IR 6z+, and we will be adding new products to the line up shortly. Elite Unlocked Aiming Solutions is here to stay and Id like to personally extend these savings along with a warm thank you to all the customers that make this possible for us.

Felipe Bastos
[email protected]
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