Fire sale. PayPal only. Need these gone today.


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Jul 3, 2018
Grantville, PA.
Heads up, I only accept PayPal G&S and the 3% fee is included in the price as well. I’m a business and PayPal doesn’t let me accept f&f type payments.
Long story short, I need some cash in my paypal by Monday morning; and while I would have it.. my bank just closed down for 14 days due to a Covid outbreak in their staff. That means I’m SOL for my Monday timeline. I have another bank account I opened today but they are putting 9-12 day holds on everything as I just opened it today. So PayPal is key. You will get what you pay for, and these might just be the deals of the century. So the first “I’ll take it” gets it. All prices are shipped / insured.
Thanks for looking
Felipe Bastos
Elite Unlocked Aiming Solutions

1. Nightforce NX8 2.5-20 T3 new unit bought two weeks ago and was professionally mounted at eurooptic into a Badger condition one mount. $1625 shipped/insured for the scope alone. (Comes with box and stickers, manual etc) does not include a Nightforce tool, I seem to have misplaced mine. **does not include Mount at this price, I will uninstall mount properly before shipping** *sold**

2. 30mm Badger condition one 20moa Tanodized Mount. As new. $210 shipped / insured *sold*

3. burris xtrII Scr moa 2-10 scope with burris repr Mount . *Full disclaimer* Glass is spotless, couple rub marks on body, and scope appears to be working but I cannot guarantee it. It has a lifetime no questions asked policy so if it doesn’t work, send it in they will take care of you $425 *sold*

4. pvs30 multicam stencil grip/protective skins. This is my last one and it’ll make your 30 stand out, all while blending in! $125

5.integrated components Nightvision bridge new manufacture. These go for 575$ new. This is brand new, $450 ***sold***

6. Norotos TATM dovetail Mount for Nightvision. Not sure What model; it’s not a rhino or rhino two. These are like $500. Has some use to it $275

7. Pvs14 j arms x2 NEW $40 *sold**
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