Fool for Selling Sako TRG in 6.5 CM for TRG in .338 LM?


Sergeant of the Hide
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Jan 12, 2022
A gun that shoots straight and never has cycling failure is like a car that never breaks down.

You never sell either.

AB Shooter

Jun 2, 2022
Alberta Cdn
I have a Sako TRG 22 in 6.5CM. I love this rifle and has never failed me. So rediculously accurate and addicting to shoot! But of course I have always wanted the Sako TRG 42 in .338LM. Would I be a fool to hack such a good, fun rifle for a larger calibler such as the .338LM? I know I am giving up light recoil and affordable reloading costs. I am after the .338LM for ELR abilities in the long haul. But if I could only have one rifle, would the .338 be the better over the 6.5CM? Or is it too much of a monster to where I will be sorry I got rid of my 6.5? Never had a large caliber such as the .338 as my go-to gun.
I kept my Tikka Tac A1 6.5 cm. Keeping it.
Then bought a multi-cal Cadex Kraken 300 Norma. Along with a 6.5 cm and 308 barrel. Best of both worlds. Am able to concentrate on 6.5 cm, and am able to shoot 300 Norma when I wish to reach out
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Tristran Shandy

May 5, 2022
Las Vegas
Why spend all that money on a new weapon, only to have the Police State Government confiscate it from you? Sell the one you've got while you still can.


Gunny Sergeant
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Apr 16, 2002
College Station, Texas
I have a TRG-42 in 338 Lapua that I shot quite a bit when I lived in the Rocky Mountain states. It is easily my most accurate factory rifle. A Terminator TE muzzle brake is very efficient.

1,000 yards is ridiculously easy with the 338 TRG launching 250-, 285-, and 300-grain bullets.