Accessories Found a Pair, All Set - Badger 30mm rings


Gunny Sergeant
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  • Nov 6, 2011
    Going to mount my USO 1-8X in rings and get rid of the ADM one piece.

    Thinking I want early Badger USMC M40A3 style that came with 1 inch inserts for the Unertl scope.

    Need to make sure I can fit the six screw front ring between the erector housing and the objective bell on my USO. Too lazy right now drinking coffee to go down to the safe and confirm.

    Looks like I should have been in the market for the 30mm rings a month or so ago because a search reveals lots sold.

    What's out there for steel Badger 30 mm not being used.

    Intent is to mount lower than the ADM so not looking for high rings.

    It's going on an LMT...